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We are dedicated to understanding and bringing your vision to life. We create sleek, user-friendly, and secure web solutions that align with your business goals and aspirations. Whether you need a new website, brand refinement, security enhancement, or SEO ranking improvement, we're here to support you.


We're Fran Borg and Ollie Fish. Together, we've got a combined 20 years of experience in the tech industry. As right and left brains to each other, we strike the perfect balance to create beautiful, functional, fast websites & software.

We own and manage two SaaS products and several niche websites, which keep us constantly learning—from concept to product, acquiring initial users, and developing a sustainable marketing strategy. These insights are directly applied to our client's projects, ensuring we deliver as much value as possible.

Our love for what we do drives us, and we're eager to extend this dedication to your project.

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Bookmark Llama

SAAS Product

Bookmark Llama website landing page image

Bookmark Llama is a freemium SaaS product that enables teams to selectively sync their browsers' native bookmarks across Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. The product is depended on by over 200 companies, including various household names, publicly traded companies, and several well-funded series A, B, and C startups. The product's user base is now growing 10% month over month due to extensive onsite and offsite SEO work.


Family Lawyers Malta

Maltese Family Lawyer Directory

Family Lawyers Malta landing page image

Family Lawyers Malta is a comprehensive directory and resource for individuals seeking legal assistance. We aim to demystify the legal process by providing clear, concise information that avoids complex legal jargon, making it easily understandable for all users. Additionally, we are committed to helping our users find a high-quality lawyer who can effectively address their specific legal needs.


Shameless Plug

SAAS Product

Bookmark Llama website landing page image

We developed Shameless Plug to address Google's recent shift towards favouring user-generated content on platforms like Reddit and Quora. Our testing showed us that engaging in these high-ranking discussions was an effective way to quickly increase traffic to our clients and our websites. However, manually managing this for many keywords was impractical, so we built a tool to automatically identify quality discussions recognized by Google. Shameless Plug then allows us to scale this effort across different geographies and languages, enabling us to engage in new discussions as soon as they gain traction on Google, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.



Our Services

  • Site Audits

    Thorough assessments to pinpoint improvements needed to boost your site's organic traffic.

  • Link Building

    Strategic link acquisition to boost your site's authority.

  • Technical SEO

    We will analyze your site and handle all technical elements of SEO.

  • Content Writing

    High quality content, that matches the user intent for the given keywords.

  • Lead Magnets

    We will design and build lead magnets that will drive you more business.

  • SEO Strategy Planning

    Tailored strategies to achieve your business goals.


Our Process

  • 1

    Discovery Call

    We like to start off with a conversation to fully grasp the objectives you have for your business.

  • 2

    Suitability Analysis

    After our initial discovery call, we will evaluate whether our services can effectively help you achieve your business goals.

  • 3


    If SEO is deemed suitable, we'll start with a competitor analysis to understand the competition and investment required for success.

  • 4


    When you're ready to proceed, you can choose which parts of the strategy you will implement and which elements you would like us to handle.

Security Assessments

Our Process

  • 1

    Discovery Call

    The process kicks off with a discovery call where we understand your business's specific security needs.

  • 2

    Define Scope

    Our next step is to define the scope of the engagement based on what we learned in the discovery call.

  • 3


    We then conduct detailed testing for vulnerability. These tests pinpoint weaknesses in your system, allowing us to provide recommendations that will enhance your security posture.

  • 4

    Security Report

    We compile a comprehensive security report outlining vulnerabilities we have identified and detailed steps to address them.

Our Services

Web & Mobile

We provide in-depth penetration testing for mobile applications and websites through either whitebox or blackbox assessments. In the last six months alone, we have found critical flaws in multiple venture-backed startups and worked with them to improve their security. We use a mixture of off-the-shelf and custom tools developed in-house.

Company Wide
Security Audits

Initially, we conduct comprehensive reviews of all internet-facing infrastructure within your company, recognizing these as frequent targets for cyber attacks. We then deliver a detailed report pinpointing insecure areas or applications. Our review will typically be broad in scope because malicious parties do not confine their activities to specific boundaries. Subsequently, we will assist in developing a threat model for your company and collaborate with you to further enhance your defences.



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