Strapi Plugin Development.

Why opt for
Cyborg Fish?

Our skilled developers specialize in building, fixing, and modifying Strapi plugins. With extensive experience in Strapi-plugin development, we excel in creating complex and bespoke plugins. Whether you need a new plugin or a modification of an existing one, we can help.



Your Go-To Strapi Plugin Experts.

Whether your project requires custom plugins or advanced integrations, we have the expertise to help. Our expert Strapi developers specialize in providing complex custom Strapi development services, providing support for advanced requirements that go beyond Strapi's official offerings. If you need highly customized Strapi plugins, we're here to deliver the expertise and support you need.

  • Custom Plugin Development

    We create custom Strapi plugins to meet virtually any requirement you have.

  • Source Code Modifications

    Source code modifications to overcome plugin limitations, if required.

  • Custom Workflow Implementations

    We can implement any custom workflow requirements you have.

  • Third Party Plugin Support

    We support third party Strapi plugins, even if we didn't create them.

  • Version Upgrades

    If you have a plugin that only works on an old version of Strapi, we can help.

  • Third-Party Plugin Modification

    We can fix bugs or add features to plugins we didn't create.

We are experts at building
Strapi plugins.

Partner with us to leverage the full potential of Strapi Plugins

We're passionate about creating Strapi plugins that make your work easier and more efficient. Our specialist strapi agency has the skills and experience to build plugins that fit your exact needs, helping you get the most out of Strapi. Let's work together to develop tools that enhance your projects and make your life a bit simpler. We look forward to partnering with you to bring your ideas to life.

Support for all kinds of
Strapi deployments

Strapi offers robust support for core features but doesn't assist with custom code. We, however, provide comprehensive support for all Strapi usage, including any custom implementations, regardless of the version of Strapi.

Worry free Strapi
version upgrades

Strapi does not assist with version upgrades that fail due to your custom code or breaking changes in major version updates. However, we offer a comprehensive service where we handle the entire upgrade process for you. Our team ensures a smooth transition, taking care of all complexities and making your upgrade experience hassle-free.


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